Pure Eagle Aria Company

Nab, is the result of the combination of experienced, capable and experienced managers and experts who, after years of work in the field of public contracting, were formed with the aim of synergizing, preserving and transferring experiences, so that in a new collection with great efforts, their employers To promote the successful management and successful implementation of projects.

about us

Eagle Aria Nab Company started its activities in 2010 in the field of executive management and engineering in the form of “Nab Engineering Group” and in 1392 with the registration …
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Earn clean and stable profits by performing the activities explained in the company’s mission,
honest interaction with the employer and the project agents, utilizing the maximum

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Upgrading the group’s position to a reputable domestic and foreign development institute with an emphasis on entering projects as ‘EPC’ Efforts to increase customer satisfaction, quality improvement and

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Activities in the

fields of management and implementation of development and industrial projects, participation and investment in development and

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With the support of many years of experience and scientific and practical savings of the founders and their forces as a for-profit organization, the pure Eagle Aria company is determined to rely on the care…

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industry and Mining

Water and Wastewater

General and industrial buildings

The way


Oil, gas and petrochemicals